• Mobile Photo Apps

    From standard photo to video capture, our Fetch&GO™ family of mobile apps can do it all! Provide your attendees a very cool photo/video experience with our customizable Fetch&GO™ mobile app for iOS and Android. Provide a digital and/or immediately onsite printed 4x6 branded photo.

  • Fetch&Go™ Mobile Apps
  • Capabilities

    Photo & Data App Solutions

    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

    • Use YOUR hardware – budget pleasing!

    • Add apps to additional devices when you need to, delete them when you’re done!

    • Fully customizable and configurable to operate in any mode you want and capture any data you want by event.

    • Can be a photo app today, data app tomorrow and a video app the next day!

    • Can have multiple photo borders loaded.

    • Photo borders are loaded/updated/changes right on the app.

    • Available as brand operated, selfie and kiosk modes!

    • Works whether its connected to the web or not, NEVER LOSE A MINUTE OF EVENT OPERATIONS!!

  • DIY Print Set-Up
  • Standard & Slo-Mo

    Photo & Video

    From standard video to slo-mo, your attendee can experience a their very own custom video and then socially share it. Brand awareness via viral video at it’s finest! From an action end zone touchdown dance in slo-mo to a “YOU MAKE THE CALL” custom sportscaster TV action call, we do it all!

  • Chicago Blackhawks Sportscaster TV action Call

Data App Solutions